ImageThe Translation Tool is a website that lets users contribute and manage translations of Osiris/Isis/Anubis online.

It can be used to:
  • Translate to a new language that is not yet implemented
  • Correct any existing message (also to translate from "IT slang" to a human-readable text ;))
  • Suggest better, user-friendlier messages
  • Edit help messages or documents embedded in software (for example, the message with the id "main.pages.view.welcome.content" is the help message that appears when you enter a blank portal).
You can contribute translations anonymously, no login required (simply click on any item and fill the form). After translation proposals are approved, they will be integrated in the software, and pending proposals cleared. Check option "[ ] only with proposal" to see only items which already have pending proposals.

The system automatically create all extensions related to language packs, available also as upgrade when proposal is accepted.

Some items are locked, mostly because it does not make any sense to translate them. For example, certain messages are actually software symbols, not translatable and shown in a special neutral language "(inv)". For more information on the hierarchy of languages, please read Details of selecting a locale in the documentation.

If you want to translate to a language or culture that isn't in the list, please write a message to Clodo in our forums.