Osiris is a software born in 2006, as closed-source.
Recently we start the preparation of publication under an open-source license (probably GPL).

Actually we follow two developing series:

Osiris 0.X

The current public release, closed-source.
Probably we release new versions of this series, mainly for support the extension developing. This series will be consider deprecated when the series 1.X will be ready for the prime time.

Osiris 1.X

Series under developing, open-source.
Currently (05/2011) not all C++ sources are released.
Look the articles Source Repository Directory Structure and Source Code Overview / Distribution / Deployment for more informations.


The series 0.X is actually used in production by final users for portals, but has some problems/limits about management/control of spam or flood attacks.
If we release the sources of this version, we can't avoid that anyone use it for attack the existing portals.

The new series 1.X introduce a new engine, with radical modification about the logic, and don't have the problems citated above.
But we don't have yet a functionally version.
When we reach a first "alpha" version of series 1.X, we will release the remaining sources.
Until that, we are currently released all sources, scripts and work files of all things that are not related to the core engine.

This projects actually don't have sponsors or developer full-time, so we can't give a timing about progress.

In every case, the totally publication of all sources of the series 1.X is the our maximum priority.