How to start

Look our Video Tutorials and Tutorials - How-To - Tips & Tricks for understand Osiris. For more in-depth informations, visit the Start section.

Not available?

ImageIf your operating system or hardware architecture aren't listed, you can ask them in the Forum.

Stay up to date!

ImageAggiorna le extensions dal software! La maggior parte dei rilasci anche del software di base, avviene in forma di extensions.


Upgrade a Portable version

Copy between old and new folder, the directory "data".

All data are stored here, and it's automatically created if not present.
For example, delete the data directory to restart with a clean Osiris.
In installer version, date are stored in the user profile of the operating-system as expected by conventions.


Repository Ubuntu / Debian

Synaptic Package Manager -> Software Sources -> Third-Party Software -> Add
deb stable non-free
The repository isn't PGP signed, so it will show a warning



Last version: 0.14 - 06/10/2011.
Download in zip format. PHP required. We suggest read the Readme.
Experimental version for beta-tester: 1.0 RC1 pre-alpha