Our Sponsors & Donations

ImageData la sua crescita, Osiris rappresenta per noi un'occupazione a tempo pieno.

Le infrastrutture che utilizziamo hanno dei costi, ma allo stesso tempo crediamo che un software come questo debba essere gratuito.

Benefits of Donating

  • A 'sponsor' badge recognising the donation in the forums, if you provide your user name while donating. Badges will last for 12 months, and grades are awarded depending on the amount donated over a 12-month period.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that your donation is helping fund the Osiris project for the benefit of all
Donations doesn't get you any more influence or attention than any other user, in the forum or otherwise. Donations are voluntary and cannot come with any conditions or expectations of special treatment attached.

Payment options?

  • PayPal. Go to our Donation System.
  • Bitcoin. Address:

Can I become a corporate sponsor?

Absolutely! Please contact us if you wish to make a sponsorship offer greater than €1000 and avoid using PayPal. Corporate sponsors have a place of honour on our site.

Do I get tax relief on these donations?

No, donations are not tax-deductable in any juristictions.

Individual Sponsors

The Osiris project is grateful to the following individuals for donating to the project:

ImageGold Sponsors (> €100 over 12 months)


ImageSilver Sponsors (> €50 over 12 months)

ImageBronze Sponsors


Corporate Sponsors

The Osiris project is grateful to the following companies / organisations for their support: