FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What programming language use Osiris?

  • Main core code is written in c++.
  • Extensions are written in python.
  • We use extensively xml, xslt, xsd and of course html, css and javascript.
  • Some tools are written in c# (for example building scripts).
  • Isis is written in php.

Why you use SVN (SubVersion) and not GIT?

Simply because our project was born before, and we don't have time/reason/priority to migrate now.

Osiris can be compiled with Visual Studio 2008 or 2010?

Maybe. The main question is: all libraries that we use can be compiled? If yes, eventually problems with Osiris code maybe resolved quickly. Contact us in our forums for feedbacks.

What is "Anubis"?

Osiris is our main software.
All services that need to be server-based (for example, the extensions repository, network port check, etc.) and used by Osiris, are implemented in Isis. This to allow cloning this kind of services.
All services that exists only for helping the development of our projects, are implemented in Anubis. For examples, the Translations System.

Osiris and Isis are open-source. Anubis not, only because isn't documented or supported yet. If you are interested, write to us in our forums.