Osiris 0.15

Written by Score: 1.0 - Comment: Direct, also from friends Clodo , Saturday, November 19, 2011 1:00:16 AM
The Osiris Team is happy to announce a new version of Osiris.
Osiris 0.15 it's mainly a bugfix release.

This is a new release of series 0.X of the Osiris project.
We hope to freeze features and resolve bug-fixes with release of other version of this series, in short release cycle.
In the meantime, we are working on the new series 1.X, that will be totally Open Source, released under GPL.

A special thanks is given to all the support team for the contribution to the release of this version, thanks!

Changelog Osiris 0.15
- [bugfix] Random crash that may occur on exit.
- [new] Body mode param in RSS: full / link only / none
- [bugfix] RSS generation now have absolute links.
- [new] First step migration of Osiris protocol. 
- [changes] Disabled gzip compression for specific mime-types
- [new] Added "Open Log" under Developers Menu.
- [new] Roller/Block client status storage.
- [changes] Font in splash screen.
- [changes] New background in DMG installer
- [bugfix] Python exception handling in OS-X
- [bugfix] Tray options issue
- [new] Python Informations in Developer Tools extension.
- [changes] Some CSS changes.
- [bugfix] Win64 NSIS now propose the correct 64 bit program folder.
- [bugfix] Ajax error 500 under Mac OS-X in Advertising extension
- [bugfix] Random crash related to gzip compression of pages (probably Linux only)
- [bugfix] Quote link
- [bugfix] Layout glitch on main windows (black on the right when start).
- [bugfix] Main window menu checkbox problem under Linux
- [new] MachineID for Advertising Extension
- [new] Editor date in "Preview" object view
- [bugfix] Charset encoding problem under Mac OS-X
- [bugfix] Icon link of childs objects in edit page.
- [new] Added param "collect" to [url] tag.
- [bugfix] OML Url collections issue with Isis
- [bugfix] Layout fix in latest_discussions
- [bugfix] Layout fix in Assistant (unused button removed)
- [bugfix] Layout fix in Assistant (unused edit link)
- [bugfix] Issue with osiris://|portal| link without a description.